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Welcome to Molalla Church of the Nazarene This website is an extention of our church family and our desire to praise, honor and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. As you look through the pages of our family gatherings, events and celebrations know there is one thing missing...YOU!  A pastor is always available to ask questions, pray or have a cup of coffee.  Stop by and meet us, drop us an email  or give us a call.  Click the “more info” link below to get all the information you need to do just that. May God richly bless you!  
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Molalla Church of the Nazarene has a NEW Addiction Recovery Class!  Bondage Breakers Meets on Tuesday’s 6:00-7:30 PM Molalla Church of the Nazarene 920 E Shirley St Molalla, OR  98038 503-829-9339 office@molallanaz.org BEGINS APRIL 8th.  ANYONE MAY JOIN AT ANY TIME. Materials will be provided at no cost! If you knew you could be free of the hold that a substance, such as alcohol or sugar; or activity, like social media or work, has on you, would you be willing to go on a life-changing journey of mind, spirit, and body renewal? Power is available!  Those chains of bondage can be broken.  In this 15 week recovery class you’ll discover that filling the spiritual emptiness in your life can help you break free from addiction. “If you are wrestling with destructive habits and want to be free then this class is for you. You can be transformed through the healing grace of God.”—Addiction specialist, Gregory L. Jantz, PhD, C.E.D.S.
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